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When The Bear Gave Baron A Run For His Money

When football fans think of Paul “Bear” Bryant, nearly all of them automatically think of his great Alabama teams that featured the likes of Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler and LeRoy Jordan. And when Kentucky fans think of their great mid-century … Continue reading

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The Great Jack Davis: Tales of Crypt to Tales of Bulldog

People of a certain age first came upon Jack Davis on the pages of MAD, along with Tales of the Crypt and other comic books and magazines, where he was among the artists whose illustrations were so violent and gruesome … Continue reading

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The Mighty Machetanz, Part 1

Modern day fans can be forgiven for not knowing of Frederick (Fred) Machetanz, but when he passed away in 2002 at the age of 94, he had left quite a legacy as one of the greatest colorist artists that the … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Dynasty: Tatum’s Maryland Terrapins

Being stuck in a basketball conference like the ACC makes it tough for any non-Florida team to become much of a factor in national football polls. This is especially true when neighboring states continually raid your territory and make off … Continue reading

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Little Brown Jug, Part 2 – The Bernie Bierman Decade

Minnesota had had its moments of gridiron glory in the early 20th century, but in the 1920s they had floundered for most of the decade, winning some and losing some and never really getting out of a rut. To put … Continue reading

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Little Brown Jug, Part 1 – “Yost Left His Yug”

When the Wolverines and the Golden Gophers began their rivalry back in 1903, both teams were undefeated and football fever was sending the mercury through the top of the thermometer. Michigan’s Fielding Yost was so worried that the home team … Continue reading

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Pitt and Fordham: Trench Warfare At The Polo Grounds

So powerful were the Fordham “Seven Blocks of Granite” teams of the 1930s that their school’s nickname was adopted in tribute by the newly-formed Cleveland Rams of the NFL, the same team later in Los Angeles and now in St. … Continue reading

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On, Wisconsin! Is “The Finest Of College Marching Songs”

That’s what John Philip Sousa called it, and as the composer of The Stars and Stripes Forever, Sousa certainly had plenty of standing to make such a proclamation. Taking its title from a civil war battle cry, and combining it … Continue reading

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97 Years To Go 125 Miles

You knew that there was going to be bad blood between these two schools when they first met on George Washington’s birthday in 1893, and couldn’t even agree on what season they were playing in!  Alabama counted it as a … Continue reading

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When Chicago Was A Powerhouse, But Red Grange Was Their Master

Many or most Illinois fans have undoubtedly heard of the great Red Grange’s performance against Michigan in 1924, when he first became a household name. On the October afternoon that dedicated Illinois Memorial Stadium, the Galloping Ghost thoroughly destroyed an … Continue reading

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